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Rent ICONtest

where the creative compete.

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Hello and welcome to the one and only RENT IContest on LJ. If you make icons and love RENT, why not join us? We're always open to new members :)
o1. A new challenge will be presented every Sunday. You will have until the following Friday to get your icons in. Voting will be posted on Saturday, and the winners will be posted on Sunday along with the new challenge, unless otherwise stated. Simple enough, no?
o2. Submit your icon in a comment to the challenge post. Comments are screened, so no one will know whose icon is whose until after voting.
o3. Please submit your icon in the following format:
-icon URL here-
o4.Icons must be your own work. If I find out that the icon was stolen, you will be banned from the community.
o5. Please people, do not start drama in this community. Check out pretty much any other RENT community on LJ. They have plenty.
o6. The icons must be new icons made specifically for the challenge.
o1. Only vote in the post made for voting. Comments are screened.
o2. You do not have to enter to vote. Likewise, you do not have to vote if you have entered.
o3. Please follow the instructions in the voting post. Sometimes I'll ask for one favorite icon, sometimes a top three.
o4. Do not vote for yourself. It's tacky and desperate, and I'll unscreen the comment. Others will point and laugh. Way to go, meathead.
If you win one of the four awards (first, second, third, or mod's choice), you will receive a custom banner made by me. If you wish to keep your banner, please save it within a week of results being posted. Banners are deleted from my PhotoBucket account after a week.
This community is maintained by:

#1 - Picture [Mark/Benny/Roger]
#2 - "I'll Cover You" [lyrics]
#3 - Mark Cohen
#4 - Movie Cast
#5 - Movie Promotional Pictures
#6 - "Our Lives" - The Calling [lyrics]
#7 - Mimi Marquez
#8 - Blue
#9 - Movie Trailer
#10 - "Holding My Own" - The Darkness [lyrics]
#11 - "I Should Tell You" [lyrics]
#12 - Picture [Mark]
#13 - Picture [movie cast]
#14 - Broadway production only
#15 - Picture [Collins/Angel]
#16 - "Love Heals" lyrics
#17 - Maureen Johnson
#18 - "Seasons of Love" [theme/lyrics]
#19 - Yellow
#20 - Picture [Mimi]
#21 - Default icon
#22 - Happiness
#23 - Black & White
#24 - Roger & Mimi
#25 - Picture [Mimi]
#26 - Group
#27 - Roger's guitar
#28 - "Halloween" [lyrics]
#29 - Lust
#30 - Angel Dumott Schunard
#31 - Picture ["La Vie Boheme"]
#32 - Mark's Scarf
#33 - Picture [Cast Promo]
#34 - Chaos
#35 - Quote [Roger]
#36 - Tom Collins
#37 - Grief
#38 - Ensemble cast
#39 - "Take Me or Leave Me" [theme/lyrics]
#40 - Picture [OBC onstage]
#41 - Quote [Angel]
#42 - "Over the Moon" [theme/lyrics]
#43 - Mark's Valentinesday Monologue [lyrics]
#44 - "Tango: Maureen" [pictures]
#45 - "Out Tonight" [lyrics]
#46 - "La Vie Boheme" [theme/lyrics]
#47 - Benjamin Coffin III
#48 - "Seasons of Love" [pictures/lyrics]
#49 - Adam Pascal/Anthony Rapp
#50 - "Today For You" [pictures/lyrics]
#51 - One Color
#52 - Regret
#53 - Black and White
#54 - Free For All

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